1997 Legislation

The 75th Texas Legislature

The Regular Session of the 75th Texas Legislature ended June 2, 1997, and the Governor has signed or vetoed all of the probate- and trust-related bills. This web site helps sort through the 1997 legislation so that attorneys who work in the probate and trust areas may better determine how they and their clients are affected by the 1997 legislation.

Please note: The 1997 pages were prepared prior to the reorganization of The Texas Probate Web Site when the author, Glenn Karisch, was with Ikard & Golden, P. C. While much of this information is still useful and valuable, it was not worth going through each individual web document and changing the format and links. Therefore, you may encounter one or more of the following errors:

  • The look and feel of the pages will be different. They won't follow the same style as the other pages on this site.
  • While the vast majority of the links work, some links will not work.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause you.

Glenn M. Karisch, Barnes & Karisch, P. C.

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The 42 Bills That Made It Out of the 90+ bills related to probate and trust law which were introduced in 1997, 42 were enacted into law. Click on this link to see a list of these bills, with bill descriptions, full-text versions of each bill, and effective dates.
The 2 Bills That Were Vetoed Only two of the probate-related bills were vetoed, but one of these (SB 414) was a key bill affecting disability planning. Click on this link to check on these bills and to read the Governor's veto messages for these bills.
The Bill Tracking Index Click on this link to see what happened to the 90+ bills related to probate and trust law which were introduced in the 1997 session -- including those bills that didn't make it.
Practice Aids for Attorneys Click here to access materials written or developed by Glenn M. Karisch as practice aids for Texas attorneys. Aids include section-by-section guides to the Probate Code and Title 1 of the Family Code and a Disability Planning Guide (including new statutory disability planning forms).

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