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1999 Legislation

The 76th Texas Legislature

The 76th Texas Legislature began January 12, 1999, and ended May 31, 1999. To have legislative updates emailed to you, join the Texas Probate email mailing list ( For now, here are the available links:

new0b.gif (394 bytes) Session Wrap-Up Page -- A quick list of the bills that passed, with links to full-text of bills and bill histories; links to Glenn Karisch's "Texas Legislative Update -- 1999," summarizing the session, "1999 Changes to the Texas Probate Code," with the full text of each section of the Probate Code amended this session, new and modified statutory forms, and more.

Master Bill Tracking Page -- This is the best jumping off point for tracking probate- and trust-related legislation during the session.   It contains the master list of tracked bills, links to the search and full-text features of Texas Legislature Online, and more


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