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The Texas Probate Web Site is written and maintained by Glenn M. Karisch, an Austin, Texas, attorney.  It has grown from Glenn's efforts at tracking and reporting probate legislation to provide additional resources for Texas attorneys about probate, estate planning, trusts, fiduciary litigation and elder law.  Glenn M. Karisch is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Note to Nonattorney Users

This site is intended for use by licensed Texas attorneys.  Nevertheless the nature of the Internet is such that anyone, including nonlawyers, may access this site.  Many of these materials, including the forms, are included based on the assumption that the user has the requisite legal skills which a Texas attorney should possess.  These materials may be misleading or unsuitable for nonattorneys. No attorney-client relationship is established. These materials are for general discussion and educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Do not rely on the information presented on this site.

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Although Glenn M. Karisch believes the materials contained on this site to be accurate, neither he nor any other person or entity warrants that these materials are accurate, free from defects, merchantable or fit for a particular purpose.  The user of these materials assumes all risk associated with their use.  These materials are intended for use by licensed Texas attorneys and may be unsuitable for use by nonattorneys.  The opinions expressed (other than those specifically attributed to another source) are those of Glenn M. Karisch and are not necessarily the opinions of any other person or group.  This site is sponsored, prepared and maintained by Glenn M. Karisch. It is not sponsored or endorsed by any other person or group. No attorney-client relationship is establish between Glenn M. Karisch and any user of this site unless the relationship is evidenced by a written legal services agreement signed by both the attorney and the client.

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All materials on this site are Copyright 1997-2007 by Glenn M. Karisch, all rights reserved, except that (1) materials written by others bearing a copyright designation are used by permission of the copyright holder and (2) no claim is made for the text of original government works (statutes, PLRs, TAMs, official committee reports, etc.).  Licensed attorneys may use any forms on this site in their practice for clients without attribution, but use of materials for nonclient use requires attribution and the permission of Glenn M. Karisch. 

Some files on this site are available for download in WordPerfect format.  WordPerfect is registered trademark of Corel Corporation.  This format is used (1) because most Texas attorneys use WordPerfect and (2) most programs (including Microsoft Word and later versions of WordPerfect) can easily convert from this format. Netscape Navigator users may be unable to download WordPerfect files directly. Therefore, many WordPerfect files also are available for download as zipped files. Click here for instructions regarding downloading and unzipping WordPerfect files.

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Legal articles and other materials of interest to attorneys practicing estate planning and probate law in Texas may be submitted for publication on this site. To submit material for possible publication, email the material to webmaster@texasprobate.net, together with permission of the copyright holder for publication. If possible, material should be submitted as an attachment to an email message and in html format. If html format is unavailable, material should be submitted as an attachment to an email message in WordPerfect or other major word processor format. Glenn M. Karisch will determine if the material is of sufficient interest to users of the Texas Probate Web Site to warrant publication. No compensation is paid for published material.


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