These links are derived from the paper "Legal Research on the Internet" presented by Joseph G. Hodges, Jr., and Glenn M. Karisch at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.   They have been updated since then by Glenn.

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Federal Law Resources      Back to Federal and Tax Links Index

Link Name Web Site URL Description/Comments
U.S. Congress [Thomas] http://thomas.loc.gov Federal Legislation
U.S. House of Representatives Oops! the House of Representatives dropped the Internet Law Library, but LawGuru.com picked it up at http://www.lawguru.com/ilawlib/index.html Internet Law Library - Trusts & Estates
U.S. House Bills http://www.house.gov/Legproc.html Full Text Bills
GPO Access http://www.access.gpo.gov Free Federal Depositary Gateway Library access to Congressional Record, Federal Register and Legislative Bills
Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/lchp.html Legislative Bills and Resolutions via  the Web
Department of Justice gopher://gopher.usdoj.gov Info. re recent litigation matters, including DOJ orders
U.S. Supreme Court http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/ Decisions from 1990 to present
Emory Federal Courts Finder http://www.law.emory.edu/FEDCTS Emory Law School - navigation is by map
Cornell Legal Information Institute [LII] http://www.law.cornell.edu/federal/opinions.html Cornell Law School searchable Federal Courts
FedWorld Information Network http://www.fedworld.gov Federal Database Locator
Law.com http://www.marketspan.com/states/LAWCOM/RecentCases.asp?Brand=LAWCOMLIT Recent Civil Cases in U. S. District Courts
VersusLaw http://www.versuslaw.com Minimal Fee-Based access to all Federal and State Caselaw that is on-line
Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm SEC Filings
Chicago-Kent College of Law Internet Law Library http://www.infoctr.edu/ill/ U. S. Code and other materials
ACTEC http://www.actec.org/?Template=WhatsNewPublic IRC Section 7520 Rate Links
American Bar Association http://www.abanet.org Home Page
ABA Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section http://www.abanet.org/rppt Home Page
ABA RPPT Section - Virtual Committee on Business Valuations http://www.demaio.com/vcbv Home Page
National Center for State Courts [NCSC] http://www.ncsconline.org/ Information about electronic citation of cases
American Association of Law Libraries http://aall.wuacc.edu/committee/citationUniform Draft Uniform Citation Guidelines for Internet
NCCUSL Uniform & Model Acts http://www.law.upenn.edu/bll/ulc/ulc_frame.htm Official NCCUSL Web Site

Tax Resources      Back to Federal and Tax Links Index

Link Name Web Site URL Description/Comments
Department of the Treasury http://www.ustreas.gov Department's Home Page
Internal Revenue Service http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod
IRS Web Site Map
Internal Revenue Service http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/
Forms and Publications  
Internal Revenue Service http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/
Fill-in Forms On-Line
ABA Tax Section Links http://www.abanet.org/tax/sites.html Related sites link list
U.S. Code http://www.tns.lcs.mit.edu:80/uscode




Current plus Update Service

Another alternative

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] http://www.arnet.gov/far/ Federal Acquisition Regulation
TaxNotes News Wire http://www.tax.org/TaxWire/taxwiref.htm Daily tax news
Tax and Accounting Web Sites http://www.taxsites.com Web Site Directory
The Tax Prophet(r) http://www.taxprophet.com Tax Attorney Robert L. Sommers Tax links and Trust Scam BBS
Emory Law School Tax Group http://tax.law.emory.edu Tax links and resources
BNA - Tax Management http://www.bnatax.com Publications and software
CCH Inc. Tax Resources http://tax.cch.com Publications and software
West Group (Thompson) http://www.westgroup.com Publications and software
Tax Analysts TaxBase http://www.taxbase.tax.org Fee-Based Web Tax Information
BNA Daily Tax Reports On-Line http://www.bna.com Fee-Based Web Tax Information
Thompson TaxLibrary http://Taxlibrary.com Fee-Based Web Tax Research
CCH Inc. Tax News Direct and Tax Research Network http://tax.cch.com Fee-Based Web Tax Information and Research
RIA Checkpoint http://www.riahome.com/ Fee-Based Web Tax Research
Tax Analysts OneDisk http://www.tax.org CD-ROM Tax Research & Forms
Kleinrock Tax Law & Forms http://www.kleinrock.com CD-ROM Tax Research & Forms
IRS Tax Forms on CD-ROM http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs Government Printing Office
Only $20 per year

E-Mail Discussion Lists and Web-Based Archives      Back to Federal and Tax Links Index

List/Archive Name Subscription Address/URL Message Posting Address
Agricultural Law listserv@lawlib.wuacc.edu agalaw-l@lawlib.wuacc.edu
ABA Probate & Trust Law - ABA-PTL mail.abanet.org/archives/aba-ptl.html aba-ptl@mail.abanet.org
AALS Section on Business Associations - BizLaw listserv@umab.umd.edu bizlaw-l@umab.umd.edu
ABA Real Property - DIRT dirt-request@umkc.edu dirt@cctr.umkc.edu
ABA Real Property - DIRT Light KingR@staff.abanet.org dirtdd@abanet.org
ABA-DIRT List Web Archive http://cctr.umkc.edu/dept/dirt Open To The Public
ABA Tax Section listserv@abanet.org aba-tax@aabnet.org
ACTEC-GEN List [Private]

ACTEC-GEN List Web Archive

http://www.actec.org/Private/ListServices actec-gen@actec.org

NOTE: Need User ID and PW

Federal Taxation listserv@shsu.bitnet fedtax-l@shsu.bitnet
Foreign & International Law listserv@uminn1.bitnet int-law@uminn1.bitnet
Law Libraries - New Resources law-lib-request@ucdavis.edu law-lib@ucdavis.edu
Legal Internet Law Sources listserv@fattylaw.cornell.edu lawsrc-l@fattylaw.cornell.edu
Legal Domain Network at Chicago-Kent Law School http://www.kentlaw.edu/lawnet/lawnet.html Listing of law-related Usenets and Listservs
Legal Ethics List listserv@rutvm1.bitnet lawaid@rutvm1.bitnet
Legal List http://www.lcp.com


Listing of law-related Usenets Newsgroups and Listservs
Lnet-LLC List http://www.stcl.edu/lnet-llc/infomain.html Limited Liability Companies
Lnet-LLC Web Archive http://www.stcl.edu/lnet-llc/infomain.html 3 locations plus forms library
Lexis Users listserv@lawlib.wuacc.edu lexisuser-l@lawlib-wuacc.edu
Lexis XChange Web Access Site http://www.lexis.com Fee-Based Service
Net-Lawyers List listserv@peach.easy.lsoft.com net-lawyers@peach.ease.lsoft.com
TAX-INFO List listserv@abanet.org tax@abanet.org
Westlaw Users listserv@lawlib.wuacc.edu westlawuser-l@lawlib.wuacci.edu
Westlaw Web Access Site http://www.westlaw.com Fee-Based Service
Tile.Net/Lists http://tile.net/listserv/viewlist.html Search Engine for Lists

Search Engines      Back to Federal and Tax Links Index

Name URL Comments
Hieros Gamos Meta-Site http://www.hg.org Comprehensive legal and government resources
FindLaw http://www.findlaw.com Meta-Site
American Law Sources On-Line [ALSO] http://www.lawsource.com/also Meta-Site
Excite http://www.excite.com Search Engine
Lycos http://www.lycos.com Search Engine
WebCrawler http://www.webcrawler.com Search Engine
Yahoo http://www.yahoo.com Search Engine
AltaVista http://altavista.com Search Engine
HotBot http://www.hotbot.com Search Engine
Deja-News Research Service http://www.dejanews.com Newsgroups & Lists
MESA Meta E-mail Search Engine http://mesa.rrzn.uni-hannover.de Meta-Site
All4One http://www.all4one.com Meta-Site
MetaCrawler http://www.metacrawler.com Meta-Site

Related General Legal Research Resources      Back to Federal and Tax Links Index

Name Web Site URL Content
Offshore Journal http:// e-mail offshore@dnai.com
ABA LawLinks http://www.abanet.org/lawlink Numerous legal research starting points
Cornell Legal Information Institute [LII] http://www.law.cornell.edu U.S. Supreme Court rulings, U.S. Code, etc.
Washburn Law School http://www.washlaw.edu/ WashLaw Web law-related material orgainzed by subject, geographic location and alphabetically