The Texas Probate Email Mailing List

Glenn Karisch, author of this site, also sponsors an email mailing list focusing on matters of interest to Texas attorneys practicing in the estate planning, probate, trust and elder law areas.  Subscribers can send messages to one email address, and all other subscribers get the message.  This is a good way to ask the 1,200 or so subscribers questions about difficult topics, as well as a way to keep up with current events.  During legislative sessions, Glenn Karisch posts frequent updates on probate legislation to the list.

Web Interface for the List

Persons can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves, as well as change many options for their subscription, by going to this page:

Some of the new features include a digest version of the list and list archives.  The archives will be prospective only -- old messages are not in the archive, only those posted since the conversion to mailman.

I have asked that the list address not change, so that messages to "" will continue to work.  However, it may be necessary to use the address "" .  Please be patient during the transition to the new software.

List Archives

Click here to access the list archives.  You must be a subscriber to access the archives.

List Policies

Following are the policies of the Texas Probate email mailing list as of November 2007. If you have any comments or suggested changes to the policies, please post your comments or suggestions to Glenn Karisch PRIVATELY at .  Also, if you notice noncompliance with these policies in postings by your fellow subscribers, (a) don't sweat the small stuff and (b) please post your objections politely to the offender and to Glenn Karisch at .

1. Purpose. The purpose of the list is to provide a forum for the exchange of information among licensed Texas attorneys who practice in the estate planning, probate and trust law areas. This purpose should be kept in mind when composing a post to the list.

2. Posting by persons who are not licensed Texas attorneys. While not strictly prohibited, postings by nonlicensed Texas attorneys are discouraged. The list is for frank discussion among attorneys of legal issues, not a forum for free legal advice. Here are a few exceptions to the no non-attorney posting rule:

a. Judicial/county clerk personnel. Judges, court personnel, and clerk personnel who actively handle probate matters are welcome to post (and respond to posts) on relevant topics.

b. Out-of-state attorneys. Attorneys who are licensed in other states who have Texas-related questions are welcome to post.

c. Paralegals, etc. Paralegals, legal assistants, etc., employed by licensed Texas attorneys may post relevant questions to the list on behalf of the attorneys for whom they work.

d. Nonattorney tax professionals. CPAs, etc., with tax expertise may participate in discussions on tax topics.

3. Nonreliance on postings. No one (attorneys and nonattorneys alike) should rely on the correctness or accuracy of any posting to the list. Postings to the list are general discussions and do not constitute legal advice. While list members should make every effort to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matters that are covered, subscribers should realize that the list owner does not monitor or review such information in order to determine whether it is accurate, appropriate or legal, nor does he determine if the subscribers who are posting such information are who they say they are or that they are engaged in the business of rendering of legal, accounting, or other professional advice or services. If legal advice or other expert assistance or services are required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. The content of this list is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, to the extent such exclusions are permitted by law. The content of this list may from time to include technical inaccuracies or typographical error, and changes may be made to its content from time to time without notice.

4. Business solicitations. Business solicitations and direct advertising are not permitted. Here are specific rules regarding certain business-related postings:

a. Announcements of the new addresses or web sites of attorney list members are permitted.

b. Announcements of new publications (on the web or otherwise) or upcoming speeches on relevant legal topics by attorney list members are permitted.

c. Requests for information about estate planning attorneys who practice in a different part of the state or country are permitted (e.g., "I need a probate attorney in Childress"). The subject lines for these posts should clearly identify the nature of the request (e.g., "Need Probate Attorney in Childress" and should ask list members to respond privately to the poster's email address. Responses should be made privately to the poster's email address and not to the entire list.

d. Firm notices of estate and probate attorney positions available (job openings) are permitted. The subject lines for these posts should clearly identify the nature of the request (e.g., "Associate Position Available in Houston" and should ask list members to respond privately to the poster's email address. Responses should be made privately to the poster's email address and not to the entire list.

e. Employment notices for nonattorney positions are NOT permitted (e.g., no notices regarding secretarial or paralegal openings). Posts by persons seeking employment (e. g., "I need a job!") are NOT permitted.

f. Office space for rent, posts about looking for office space and solicitations for office-sharing arrangements are NOT permitted.

5. Anti-spam/anti-virus rules.

a. Unsolicited bulk email (spam) is prohibited. Spammers are subject to expulsion from the list. Persons who violate list policies (especially repeat offenders) are subject to expulsion from the list.

b. DO NOT RESPOND TO SPAM BY HITTING THE "REPLY" BUTTON. DO NOT RESPOND TO SPAM BY POSTING TO THE LIST. If you hit the reply button, it is likely that your response will be sent to everyone on the list, making the spam problem that much worse. If you wish to correspond with the list owner about a spam problem, send email to .

c. Posts with attachments are prohibited. List members should NEVER open an attachment to a posting on the list. Most viruses spread by email travel via attached files, so we don't permit attachments, period.

d. All posts must come from email addresses which are subscribed to the list. If you post something to the list, you should receive a copy of it from the list address. If you don't, it is probably because your computer attached a non-subscribed address to the message. You should check your subscription (for example, unsubscribe the "bad" address and resubscribe with the "good" address) and resend the message.

6. Poster's firm name and city of practice. Persons posting to this list should include their full names, firm name (if they practice in a firm) and city of practice in each post. Attorneys who don't practice in a firm should identify themselves as an attorney. Nonattorneys who post to the list (see #2 above) also should include that fact in their posts. Examples:


John Jakes
Jakes and Jakes
Dallas, Texas


John Jakes


John Jakes
Dallas, Tx


John Jakes
Dallas, TX


John Jakes
Dallas, TX


John Jakes
Dallas, Texas

8. Nonconfidentiality of postings. All postings to the list and all responses to postings shall be deemed to be non-confidential. All subscribers to this list shall be free to copy, print, reproduce, use, disclose or distribute any of the information that is set forth in such responses provided proper credit is given to the source of the same.

9. Consider responding privately. List members should try to make every posting to the list count by asking themselves, "Is this something other list members will be interested in?" For example, most list members are not interested in reading one's idea of who a good probate lawyer is in Denver, Colorado, so send that type of message privately. Also, if you wish to thank one or more list members for responses, please do it privately.

10. List owner. Glenn Karisch of Austin, Texas, is the owner and manager of the Texas Probate web site and mailing list. He reserves the right to make totally arbitrary and capricious decisions about the list (grin).

Questions and Problems

If you have questions about the list, or if you have trouble subscribing to the list, email Glenn Karisch at .