New, Interesting or Useful Links

These links caught the eye of Glenn M. Karisch, who maintains the
Texas Probate Web Site, because they are new, interesting or particularly

My Texas Bar


The State Bar of Texas has arranged with FindLaw to provide this service, which would like to be every Texas lawyer's home web page.  It offers online search of Texas cases (225 S. W. 2d to current)  and statutes, among other things.  This is a good place for a lawyer who is a computer novice to establish his or her web page.
Texas Case Digests Via Email


You can now get the weekly case summaries from the Texas Lawyers Civil Digest and Criminal Digest emailed to you weekly.  You can identify which of the 29 practice areas you are interested in, and they'll be emailed to you.
The Texas REPTL Site


The Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section of the State Bar has revamped its web site.  Now many more CLE articles from the advanced courses are online, and the search engine is better, too.  For section members only.
PBSS- Exchange

The hard way to look up CUSIP numbers.   (CUSIP look-up services come and go, so I'm including a few in case one or more fail to work.)
The Mystery Cornell University CUSIP Site

The easy way to look up CUSIP numbers.
Professor Gerry Beyer's Recent Texas Case Updates

Professor Beyer now has his own web site.   These are the same case updates presented by Prof. Beyer at CLE events and on the Texas Probate email mailing list.
Tarlton Law Library's Texas Legal Research Page

The University of Texas Law Library maintains this page of key Texas legal links.
The 'Lectric Law Library

There are many general legal research sites like this one, but this one is personable and has a sense of humor.