Downloading and Unzipping
WordPerfect Files

Some documents found on the Texas Probate Web Site are available for download in WordPerfect format. This enables attorneys using the site to get the document (for example, a form) in word processor format so that it may be reviewed, modified, used and/or printed on the users' computer system. [The Texas Probate Web Site is intended for use by licensed Texas attorneys. See the warnings regarding use of the site and materials found on the site by nonattorneys.]

WordPerfect was selected (1) because it is the word processing program used by the site's sponsor, Glenn Karisch of Barnes & Karisch, P. C., Austin, Texas, (2) because it is the word processing program used by most Texas attorneys and (3) because most other programs, notably Microsoft Word 97, can easily convert WordPerfect files.

Some files on the site are available for download directly as WordPerfect files. Simply click on the hypertext link and a prompt to save the file on the user's computer appears. Specify the desired directory, download the file, and then access the file with an appropriate word processing program.

Unfortunately, Netscape users have experienced trouble downloading WordPerfect files directly. Rather than downloading the file in WordPerfect format, Netscape's Navigator browsers apparently try to open and read the WordPerfect files (with the .wpd extension). The resulting gobbledegook is neither readable nor usable in WordPerfect. For Netscape users (and for other users who want to reduce download time), most WordPerfect files available for download also are available for download as part of zipped archives of files.

Zipped files have the .zip extension. To download a zipped file, simply click on the appropriate hypertext link. Netscape Navigator 4.0 prompts the user to either select a plug-in or save the file to a disk. Select the "save" option and then specify the directory in which the file is to be place on the local computer.

Once the zipped file is downloaded and saved to a local disk, it must be unzipped (extracted from the archive) in order to be used. There are several products available to do this. The author's favorite is WinZip. An evaluation copy of WinZip is available for download by clicking the WinZip icon below:

Once WinZip is downloaded and installed, double-clicking a zipped file in Windows Explorer automatically causes WinZip to open the archived file. By choosing "Extract," Winzip will extract the WordPerfect files from the zipped file and prompt the user to specify a directory in which to place the extracted files. The user then can access the extracted files in WordPerfect or other appropriate word processing program.