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Court-Created Trusts and Medicaid Supplemental Needs Trusts

Special Trusts: Sec. 867, 142, 1396 Supplemental Needs Trusts: When and How to Use Them -- Legal article by Deborah A. Green of Green, Benouis & McCullar, L. L. P., Austin, Texas, on using supplemental needs trusts to qualify the beneficiary to receive government benefits>>>(Currently available only for download in WordPerfect format)

Court Created Section 867 Trusts -- Legal article by Kathleen Ford Bay of Hilgers & Watkins, P. C., Austin, Texas, regarding trusts created pursuant to Section 867 of the Texas Probate Code >>> Currently available for download in WordPerfect format only

Court-Created Trusts in Texas -- Legal article by Glenn M. Karisch on court-created trusts in Texas, including Tex. Prop. Code Sec. 142.005 Trusts, Tex. Prob. Code Ann. Sec. 867 Trusts, and 42 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1396(d)(4)(a) Medicaid "Supplemental Needs" Trusts -- includes forms as appendices>>>Click here to download in WordPerfect format

The ARC of Texas Master Pooled Trust -- Form of 42 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1396(d)(4)(c) trust being used in Texas by ARC of Texas >>> currently available for download in WordPerfect format only

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